Tales from the Tiny World

Three short giantess stories.

In A Date Gone Right, the tiny protagonist is enthusiastic about his date with a beautiful giantess. There's just one issue - once he gets to the restaurant, she doesn't seem to be aware of his presence...

In A Model Life, a clumsy young model does a photoshoot with a tiny man. Sexy mayhem ensues.

In Mowing Her Lawn, a widow eyes a good-looking gardener and invites him inside for coffee. Once the conversation shifts to the woman's late husband's inventions, the young man will be shrunk and end up as the woman's plaything...

From the light-hearted tone of the opener to the burning passion of the closing tale, these three stories spiral in a crescendo of wild size delights.

Tags: Tiny men at one to four inches, Unaware, Breasts, Insertion, Feet